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Store In Iran

Officially started its work in the field of importing car tuning and design parts with the opening of the first store / workshop in Tehran. IRAN in 2014

First WokShop In Iran

In 2016, due to the expansion of activities and the addition of more service fields such as tuning and installation of parts, a larger and more equipped space was needed, so this was addressed in the new location.

Sonax Germany Detailing Training Course

For the addition of the new field of detailing, polishing and ceramics, and the knowledge and experiences needed for these new areas, the workshop staff attended necessary courses taught by the highly experienced and knowledgeable trainers from Sonax company in 2017

Second Workshop In Iran

again the workshop complex was moved to a more appropriate larger space fully equipped with new tools and machinery in 2018.

Start in Germany

In the very same year, the group focused on opening a new branch in Germany for long-term goals and more developments. The new branch was opened in early 2020 in Essen, Germany. Shortly after, the Covid 19 spread and there was an unwilling interruption after which we had to work harder to make up the pause and now we are running both complexes fielding in importing car tuning, design and spare parts, tuning and design services from 0 to 100 including detailing, polishing and ceramic as well as wrapping and paint protection film for all types of cars.

Our leadership

Our team member

Parsa Kavianfard

"After extensive research, I've concluded that, based on numerous evaluations, there is no tuner in Iran better than Asiaban Design for tuning the Golf GTI. Their expertise and quality of tuning stood out among all my considerations."

"I am extremely satisfied with the outstanding project completed by Asiaban Design. They've boosted my car's power from 230 whp to 450 whp for daily use and up to 550 whp for race fuel. The transformation has exceeded my expectations."

"Simultaneously, they upgraded my car by:
- Changing the brake kit to Movit Brake.
- Replacing wheels with Vossen Wheels.
- Installing Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.
- Upgrading the hood, rear trunk, and fenders to Carbon Fiber.
- Swapping interior parts with forged carbon fiber.
- Replacing seats with Recaro Podium CF.

"Finally, they provided a professional polish and detailing, along with applying a Paint Protection Film (PPF) for body protection."

Their commitment to excellence is evident, and I believe in their dedication to satisfying all customers."

Ali Javadi

"My brother and I collaborated with Asiaban Design to enhance three wonderful cars:

1. Mercedes Benz CLS550 AMG W218:
- Upgraded with a high-performance replacement filter.
- Wheels replaced with high-quality ones.

2. Mercedes Benz E250 W212:
- Mec Design suspension control installation.
- Remote control exhaust installation.
- Wheels upgraded to Vossen Wheels.

3. CLA45 AMG:
- AMS Air intake installation.
- HG motorsport Down Pipe installation.
- AMS Intercooler installation.
- Wheels changed to Vossen Wheels.

I am confident that for any future car purchases or modifications, I will turn to Asiaban Design for improved performance and enhanced aesthetics."

Alireza Khani

"I entrusted Asiaban Design with my two cars, a VW Golf GTI and a Porsche 718s. They provided the following services:

For the Golf GTI MK7.5:
- Significantly enhanced the performance from 220whp to 390whp for daily use, delivering a surprising driving experience.
- Applied a red matte wrap to my Golf GTI MK7.5.

For the Porsche 718s:
- Improved performance from 350whp to 400whp through stage 1 tuning, filter replacement, and exhaust upgrades.

Finally, they completed both cars with meticulous polishing, detailing, and the application of a paint protection film. I am thrilled with the results of their exceptional work."

Mohammad Rahimi

"I handed over two cars, a VW Beetle and a Mercedes Benz CLS, to Asiaban Design. They provided exceptional service, including changing my wheels and tires with Vossen Wheels, upgrading my Beetle's springs for better handling with the Eibach Pro Kit, installing a Water Methanol injection system, replacing air filters with BMC High-Performance filters, and, finally, polishing, detailing, and applying paint protection film to both cars."

"I wholeheartedly recommend them 100% due to their excellent services."